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Life Cycle of Yii 1.x

1. Pre-initialize the application with CApplication::preinit(); 2. Set up the class autoloader and error handling; 3. Register core application components; 4. Load application configuration; 5. Initialize the application with CApplication::init() • Register application behaviors; • Load static application components; 6. Raise an onBeginRequest event; 7. Process the user request: • C...

Application components available on Yii

Yii predefines a set of core application components to provide features common among Web applications. For example, the request component is used to collect information about a user request and provide information such as the requested URL and cookies. By configuring the properties of these core components, we can change the default behavior of nearly every aspect of Yii. Yii core components th...

Why use Yii 2 framework

Why we are using Yii2 for develop our project please check out the below details to find out why we are use this php framework
  1. Easy to Install
  2. Yii 2 Use Modern Technologies
  3. Highly Extensible
  4. Encourages Testing
  5. Improve Security
  6. Less Development Time
  7. Better Performance
Yii 1.x
  1. Yii 1.x requi...

Yii 1.x A very easy way to setup yiic on windows

  1. extract zip framework file from to c:\wamp\www folder
  2. rename yii-1.1.13.... folder to yii (so the path should be c:\wamp\www\yii and the framework itself will be into c:\wamp\www\yii\framework)
  3. on c:\wamp\www creates a file with the extension 'bat' (for example myrun.bat), then open it with an editor (I suggest you notepad or...