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Dronix is SaaS & Startup Templatekit. It’s easy to use, seo friendly & responsive. There are 12 full page templates included within this Templatekit. You can use this kit for building SaaS, Startup, Technology, Seo, Software, Agency & Digital Agency related sites. No need to use any other subscription service or Elementor Pro.

Dronix Templatekit features

  • Responsive and W3C valid
  • Elementor Free required
  • 12 Templates included in this kit.
  • Fast import with Envato Templatekit plugin
  • All images and illustrations are included
  • No separate license for any image or plugin is required
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    Import Instruction

  • Install & activate Envato Template Kit Import Plugin from https://wordpress.org/plugins/template-kit-import/
  • If you have this plugin previously installed, please update and ensure you use latest version only
  • First install Templatekit dependencies (plugin required to run) as shown in below screenshotDronix - SaaS & Startup Template Kit - 1
  • Click on import template to download a specific templateDronix - SaaS & Startup Template Kit - 2
  • Once they are imported, then you can use Elementor to edit as you usually do

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