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As we know that at present market wordpress is very powerfull , light weight and easy to use contant management system , due to this we are find out lost of plugin in wordpress. Please find out the below some details which was use full to prevent hacking in your website.

Prevent WordPress Hack

– Create Backup

This is the most important. Before you plan on making any changes, make sure you backup your entire Databse and files as well.You can do this manually or use an available plugin.
I recommend backup buddy which backs up your entire wordpress website. Unlike free plugins which only backup your database, backup buddy exports your entire database with images, files and whatever you have in your website content folder.

– Update WordPress Version

After backing up your website is to update it to the latest version. You should always make sure that your website version is up to date. WordPress team creates patches to help fix security holes. Follow wordpress feed to find out about the latest updates or you could simply login to your admin.

– Change your Login/Password

The default wordpress login is “admin” and most hackers know very well. We should change this to something else that would be difficult to guess. Something like “[email protected][email protected]#” or “[email protected]#123” is good examples. The best way to do is delete the default admin and create a new user.

– WordPress Security Scan

WordPress Security Scan plugin is the real deal. It’s simple and automates. It will scan your wordpress website for vulnerabilities and inform you if it finds any malicious codes. If the texts are in green in the admin panel then you should be good. However, they will not just be green; sometimes you have to make them.