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1.  New files structure

There are 2  major changes in the Magento-2 file structure.
I)   Everything is placed directly under the app structure.
II)  Every module has its own VIEW directory in which you can access all template, layout, js, and css/less files of any specific module. This is no doubt a big help for module developers as they can have more opportunities for customization without changing core site functionality.

There are 4 types of directories in Magento 2


– The Primary forlder cannot be changed. They include: base directory, code directory /app/code, lib directory /lib.

– The System forlder include: DI directory /var/di, generation directory /var/generation, etc directory /app/etc.To  change the location of the system directory, you need to run EntryPoint class:

– The Application directories include: design directory /app/design,  app directory /app/code, var directory /var, temporary directory /var/tmp, cache directory /var/cache), log directory /var/log and  session directory /var/session.

– The Public directories include: pub directory /pub, pub_lib directory /pub/lib, media directory /pub/media, upload directory /pub/upload, static directory /pub/static, pub_view_cache directory /pub/cache.