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  1. extract zip framework file from to c:\wamp\www folder
  2. rename yii-1.1.13…. folder to yii (so the path should be c:\wamp\www\yii and the framework itself will be into c:\wamp\www\yii\framework)
  3. on c:\wamp\www creates a file with the extension ‘bat’ (for example myrun.bat), then open it with an editor (I suggest you notepad or any other editor as you like) and add this code
set PATH=%PATH%;(C:\wamp\bin\php\php5.4.3 or you php directory path)

Note : the C:\wamp\bin\php\php5.4.3 is the php folder path on my system, so you have to check which is yours

save the changes of the file myrun.bat

  1. run the myrun.bat like as an executable file. A console command line will be appeared.
  2. ensure that the current path is c:\wamp\www and then type
php yii/framework/yiic.php webapp myfirstsite

That’s it! a folder named myfirstsite has been generated and now you can see the site on your browser typing localhost/myfirstsite or (ensure that the wampserver is running!)